An international annual cycle

M for Montreal staggers its activities throughout the year by programming showcases at various major events across North America and Europe. Our commitment to promoting Canadian talent includes providing opportunities for artists to travel internationally.

February 9–17, 2024

Le Phoque OFF is an alternative music festival promoting independent and emerging music since 2015. Every February, the festival warms up the city of Quebec with an eclectic and inclusive lineup aimed at giving a platform to local and international artists.

With the launch of Phoque OFF PRO in 2021, the festival also fulfills a social and cultural mission by offering emerging artists a variety of workshops, discussion panels, networking opportunities, conferences, and training.

March 6–10, 2024

Based inthe Lower East Side of Manhattan, The New Colossus host more than a hundred groups from the United States, Canada and the rest of the world for two weeks every year since 2019 as part of its festival and professional conference components.

March 8–16, 2024

South by Southwest is one of the most recognized arts events in the world.

Founded in 1987 in Austin, SXSW stands out for its professional conferences and its multidisciplinary festival where music, cinema and new technologies converge.

May 1–3, 2024

Wide Days is an international music convention held annually in Scotland.

This event stands out from many conferences and showcase events by combining roundtable discussions and showcases, focusing mainly on emerging Scottish artists, while increasingly emphasizing the development of national and international partnerships.

May 9–11, 2024

Located in Wrexham, Wales, FOCUS Wales hosts over 250 bands and artists each year on 20 stages located throughout the town.

With a strong focus on the emerging and independent, the festival and its professional conferences work to bring out the best in UK music.

May 15–18, 2024

Brighton beach is where the British public and international music industry professionals come every year to see over 500 artists from all over the world at The Great Escape, one of the UK's leading events of its kind.

To come

In addition to promoting the diffusion of original and emerging music, the mission of the FME (Festival de Musique Émergente) is to contribute to the national and international visibility of Canadian groups.

The festival fosters exchanges between artists and professionals in the national and international music industry and contributes to the visibility and economic development of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region. Another goal of the FME is to maintain, revitalize and attract young people to the region, as well as contribute to maintaining a rich and healthy social climate.

August 30–1st September, 2024

The Rose Festival was born in 2022 from the desire of French rappers Bigflo and Oli to create an innovative festival "by young people for young people" in the Toulouse region, where they grew up.

During the first edition, nearly twenty concerts and cultural events took place, featuring big names such as Damso, IAM, Ben Mazué, FKJ, Polo & Pan, L'Impératrice, and Bon Entendeur.

September 18–21, 2024

Founded in 2006, the Reeperbahn Festival is Europe's largest music festival and one of the most important meeting places for the music industry worldwide.

Each year, a wide range of emerging artists have the opportunity to perform and connect with a significant audience, including fans, media representatives, and industry professionals.

October 16–18, 2024

Every year, MaMA Music & Convention welcomes French and international music industry professionals for three days of concerts and meetings in Paris.