Musical rendez-vous #14

November 20-23, 2019
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Maybe Watson

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Busty and the Bass

NOV 21 - SAT
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Lydia Képinski

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The Artist Lab

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Absolutely Free // Ada Lea // Adwaith // Akantu // Alex Bent + the Emptiness // Alistair Blu // Antony Carle // Atsuko Chiba // Badge Époque Ensemble // Blick Bassy // Blue Odeur // Bodywash // Bon Enfant // Brown Family // Busty and the Bass // Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard // Carlomarco // Caveboy // Charlie Noiir // Charlie Shulz //  Ciaran Lavery // Claudia Bouvette // Clay and Friends // Close Talker // Corridor // David Lee // Dezy Joan // Dylan Menzie // Efy Hecks // Foreign Diplomats // Gianluca // Gladys Lazer // GrandBuda // Hologramme // Isabella Lovestory // Jambori Jambora // Jealous of the Birds // Jerico // Just Mustard // Laura Krieg // Laurence-Anne // LayLit //Legal Vertigo // Les Deuxluxes // LIA // Lit Gang // Louis Venne // Loving // Lydia Képinski // Maky Lavender // Mappe Of // Maybe Watson // Meggie Lennon // Mehdi Cayenne // Merryn Jeann // Miko // Mind Bath // Mort Rose // N0V3L // Nana Zen // Nap Eyes // Naya Ali // New Fries // Nomadic Massive // Odonis Odonis // Operator Music Band // Paupière // Pituca Putica // Ponteix // Post Script // Prado // Quadracup // Radiant Baby // Ragers // Rowjay // Russell Louder // Sebastian Gaskin // Sex Machine Octopus // Silly Boy Blue // Sophia Bel // Soran // Sydanie // Tallies // Tennis System // TEKE::TEKE // The High Dials // Thierry Larose // Tizzo // Tremayne // TRISS // Tyleen Johnson // Valdimar // Vendou // Vince James // Vince The Messenger // Wake Island // WARMLAND // Wesley // WHOOP-Szo // Willygram // Xarah Dion

Featured shows

Busty and the Bass

Opening acts : SORAN and Claudia Bouvette

Busty and the Bass is a Canadian electro-soul and hip hop band from Montreal, Quebec. The band is known for its unique brand of music and a diverse range of musical genres. With its undeniable artistic qualities, the ensemble of 9 artists quickly gained the respect of the public and of the industry.

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Thursday, November 21 - Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT)


The cult success of Supermercado has allowed CORRIDOR to multiply tours in the United States and Europe since 2018. The up-and-coming band has just announced its signature with the legendary American label SUB POP (ex Nirvana, Beach House, Father John Misty, Iron and Wine, Mudhoney) and will be releasing their new album Junior in October.

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Friday, November 22 - Le National

Badge Pick Up

Registration is located at Hotel 10 and is open for badge pick up from Nov 20 to 23, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. You will be required to show photo I.D. to pick up your badge.

Musical rendez-vous #14
Feel the pulse of what’s happening on the Montreal and international music scene.

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They will be at M this year:

Michael Hill

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Kel Bryant

Warp Records & Warp Publishing

Melyssa Hardwick

Amazon Studios

Carlos Lopez Jr

Domino Publishing and Records

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Rumour has it that Montreal is one of the sexiest cities on the planet with a music scene that’s truly world-class. Experience the best new music from Canadian and international acts that will surely rule your playlists for years to come.

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