The first edition of the RADAR series is now complete!

The RADAR Series 2023 was a resounding success!

The RADAR Series, presented by M for Montreal and Mundial Montréal in collaboration with QUB musique, concluded last week in a festive atmosphere! 

This series of events, in its inaugural edition this year, allowed the general public to discover the cream of emerging talent while also helping local artists gain a platform for professionalizing their careers. Through a professional component, presented in collaboration with Les Rendez-vous de L’ADISQ, Montreal artists and professionals were able to connect based on common interests. 

RADAR’s team was honored to present the very first cohort of artists in the lineup, selected through an open call for applications from local and Canadian artists. 

Throughout numerous showcase performances open to the general public, 18 artists and groups took the stage at the Ministère, where RADAR established its headquarters for the entire series in the form of a bi-monthly double event. 


The RADAR Series in Numbers 

RADAR 2023 featured: 

  • 18 artists or groups performing   
  • 12 industry speakers sharing their experience and knowledge   
  • 6 evening showcases   
  • 2 Mentor Café sessions focused on career professionalization   
  • 1 panel on the challenges of management in 2023 

Dive in the official Spotify playlist to discover more broadly the 2023 lineup! 

Avec Plaisir – Ayrad – Bel & Quinn – BOOGÁT – Carla Chanelle – Donald Dogbo – Dumai Dunai – HAWA B – Lara Klaus – Mon Doux Saigneur – Naïma Frank – Naomi – Nora Toutain – Populi – SPRLUA – TANGO GOLF TANGO – WAAHLI – Wake Island  


The RADAR 2023 Survey 

We also invite you to share your feedback on this first edition. Whether you are an artist or a member of their team, an industry member or a participant, we want to hear from you! 



 Our events were presented in collaboration with numerous partners without whom none of this would have been possible. 

With the support of our media partners (CISM,, Le Canal Auditif, panm360, Sors-tu), we were able to learn more about promising artists and they had the chance to be featured in new tribunes. 

The support of SODEC, QUB musique, Les Rendez-vous de l’ADISQ and SOCAN was also essential in the realization of our events.  

Guest mentors: 

  • Jean-François Guindon (Coop des Faux-Monnayeurs) 
  • Kyria Kilakos (Indica Records) 
  • Mathieu Rousseau (Bonsound) 
  • Sonia Bergeron (Bravo Musique) 
  • Flora Garnier ( 
  • Marie-Pier Létourneau (De la Létourneau) 
  • Nick Younès (Secret City Records) 
  • Yzabel BeauBien (J’Imagine Consultants / CISM) 

Invited speakers: 

  • Kevin Amougou (Next One To Enjoy) 
  • Noémie Laniel (Albertine Management) 
  • Stéphanie Moffatt (Mo’fat Management) 
  • Krista Simoneau (Les Yeux Boussoles) 

We would also like to thank Olivier Robillard-Laveaux (journalist and radio host at ICI Musique) for accepting our invitation as the moderator of the panel titled “Artist Management in 2023: Reality, Challenges, and Solutions”.

Thanks to the wonderful work of our photographer Camille Gladu-Drouin, we have many unforgettable memories of these six evenings. Thank you, Camille! 

Congratulations to Naïma Frank, the recipient of a $3000 grant from CISM for promotional campaigns. 

The RADAR series is made possible through the support of SODEC’s 2022-2023 innovative initiatives program.    

RADAR would like to thank its partners for their involvement in the promotion of the emerging music scene and in the stimulation of discoverability among the general public in Montreal.