M pour Montreal unveils its full PRO programming 2022 (press release)

Montréal, le 28 septembre  



After announcing the artists who will showcase during the 2022 edition two weeks ago, M for Montreal is now unveiling its full PRO programming! Over 150 international delegates, including 20 music supervisors from around the world, will travel to Montréal to attend the panels and networking activities carefully crafted by the team this November. 



M for Montreal has targeted several current music industry topics to discuss during its panels.    

The Chicken or the Egg: LOCAL or INTERNATIONAL?     

With Jeanine McLean-Williams (MBK Entertainment Inc), Kat Kernaghan (TikTok Canada), Lisa Logutenkow (The Orchard), Thomas Sharp Maxwel (IDOL) and Phil Jones (MNRK) as moderator.  

When developing the career of an emerging artist, what should be the team’s priority: get recognition in the local market or aim for international reach? In a globalized music industry where borders, languages and territories are irrelevant and artists can go viral regardless of their place of origin, what should be the artist development strategy?    

Copyright and Monetization in the Metaverse: What, How, When?    

With Audrey A. Benoualid (Myman Greenspan Fox Rosenberg Mobasser Younger & Light LLP), Darren Briggs (Downtown Music and Songtrust), Deborah Mannis-Gardner (DMG Clearances, Inc.), Kushal Patel (Music Ally) and Sarah Mackenzie as moderator.  

What is the metaverse and how does it impact copyright laws and licensing agreements? How can music rights holders fairly collect and monetize their copyrights? When can companies around the world start collecting royalties in the space of virtual reality?       

Other Than Data, What Matters for Today’s A&Rs?    

With Andreas Katsambas (Chartmetric), Grant Dull (ZZK Records), Pamela Charbit (Atlantic/Warner), Rich Kidd (The Remix Project) et Katrina Lopes (KL Management) as moderator.  

With tools for music analytics like Chartmetric and Instrumental, today’s A&Rs primarily consider artists who have reached certain data thresholds (e.g., 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify). When considering artists with a similar reach on streaming platforms and social media, what comes next in an A&R’s decision-making process? 

Workshop and Keynote

Why a Ping-Pong Table Is Not Enough: Finding Solutions for a Better Mental Health in the Music Industry 

With Focus groups leaders Chad Moses (To Write Love on Her Arms), Dan Misha Goldman (Music Therapist), Félix Mongeon, PhD (Radiant Baby), Hilary Gleason (, Nicole Blonder (Equilibrium: Wellness in the Music Industry) and Menno Versteeg (Royal Mountain Records).  

Participants will form different groups—each led by a specific leader (psychologist, therapist, human relations manager, etc.)—where they will discuss a work-related challenge of their choosing to which they must find solutions as a team.    

The workshop, divided in two parts, will also feature Menno Versteeg, Canadian musician and founder of Royal Mountain Records, who created a system that actively supports and improves the mental health of artists and employees.  

Come as You Are: Keynote With Sub Pop Records 

Meet two Seattle music legends: Megan Jasper, CEO of Sub Pop Records, will discuss with Cheryl Waters, radio host and DJ on KEXP. 

The Supervision Department  

M for Montreal’s delegates will once again have the opportunity to take part in discussions with some of the biggest names in music supervision internationally this year. Tickets will be available in the coming weeks on the M for Montreal website and seats are limited.   

Networking activities    

M for Montreal is also renewing its networking activities with imagination.    

On November 16, everyone will be invited to the Meet & Bowl cocktail party presented by Believe, which will allow delegates in the city to discover the legendary Darling Bowling, located in the heart of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood. Performances by three artists will take place and bowling shoes will be available!    

The traditional morning and brunch showcase event presented by Music PEI will return with a brand new identity: the Brunch Club. For the first time, the FOCUS Wales series at M for Montreal will be added to the event, offering a morning of discovery at Café Campus on November 18. Delegates will also have the opportunity to meet the Czech delegation presented by Sound Czech in collaboration with Mundial Montreal and join the M for Mimosas and Music presented by Downtown Music.    

Also happening on November 18: the Travelling Showcase presented by Stingray which will allow delegates based outside of Canada to discover the best of Montréal, including two private showcases at Créasphere and NOMAD Life.    

M for Montreal, in partnership with Audiogram and Music Managers Forum Canada, is also launching a brand new activity in an effort to meet the requests of various industry players via its affinity groups. These meetings will allow professionals to examine common issues in order to outline best practices.    

The much-loved Artist Lab is back for a 2nd edition! Co-presented by TuneCore and QUB musique and designed specifically for artists, this activity aimed at career development offers conferences, workshops and opportunities to meet industry professionals. This event is free and open to all! The complete program will be announced on October 25.


Accreditation available    

Accreditation to attend the M for Montreal 2022 activities is available at the regular rate ($500) until October 15, 2022.    

This accreditation grants access to all activities, including the opening and closing cocktails as well as various add-ons that will be announced shortly.