M for Montreal aims to foster a sense of community among music enthusiasts by uniting artists, music lovers, and industry professionals in a single platform.

Our event provides a safe, accessible, inclusive, and environmentally conscious space for all attendees to share and celebrate the city's rich music scene. This is one of our many commitments.


I for Inclusion

The values of inclusion and diversity are deeply rooted in the DNA of M for Montreal. That is why we strive to offer a diverse musical program that features artists from all walks of life, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background or language.

We want to create an inclusive environment for all artists and all audiences by advocating for inclusive writing in all our communications and by ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard and respected. This year, we've decided to offer gender-neutral washroom facilities wherever possible in the venues where the PRO showcases and activities are held, as well as handing out stickers with pronouns to make discussions easier.

E for Equity

At M for Montreal, the values of equality and equity are at the heart of all our organization's actions and initiatives. We are committed to creating a fair and equitable environment for all artists and members of the music industry with whom we collaborate, without exception.

E for Equality

We take equality very seriously in terms of access to opportunities, but also regarding well-being and security. For this reason, we have implemented a zero-tolerance policy: at all times, no offensive or violent behaviour is tolerated towards or by participants, our team or partner venue staff.


We invite all suppliers, collaborators, and participants who are committed to this approach to contact us and join forces in implementing concrete sustainable development practices.