Thanks to the support of several funders, there are many opportunities for financial assistance. A Canada-wide funding guide has been put together to help you find your way through existing programs. These will help you cover the expenses associated with canvassing for such an event. It’s important to note that this is a guide to the right financial programs, but it in no way guarantees your eligibility. It is important to read each program and its criteria to ensure that you are eligible. Eligibility criteria and funding program details 




Funding in this program is a grant. FACTOR will contribute 50% of the Total Eligible Budget to a maximum of: 

  • $7,500 per Applicant companies rated 2 (max limit across both components per FACTOR fiscal year) 
  • $20,000 per Applicant companies rated 3 and higher (max limit across both components per FACTOR fiscal year) 


Update soon for 2024-2025 

Eligibility criteria and funding program details: Support for eligible music company.

MUSICACTION: for french-speaking canadian only 


  • 10,000 annually (April 1 to March 31) 
  • Assistance cannot exceed 50% of accepted costs or actual eligible costs, whichever is less. 
  • Funding is subject to the availability of funds. 
  • Assistance is paid in full following completion analysis. 

Applicants have access to a maximum of $100,000 for all projects submitted under the Album Production, Title Production and Promotion, National Marketing – Components 1 & 2, Canvassing and Artist, Skills and Business Career Development programs.  

Parental support is available for female professionals, whether entrepreneurs or employees, traveling in a professional context. The target clientele can go directly to the program page for more information and the application form.


  • The request must be submitted prior to departure. However, Musicaction will not be able to confirm the eligibility of the request before the Applicant travels if the request is submitted less than 20 days before the scheduled departure date. 

Eligibility criteria and funding program details: Démarchage 



Maximum amounts are based on the travel distance between departure location and destination (or the furthest destination for single trips with multiple stops), combined with accommodation expenses and meals up to a maximum of 5 days ($150 per day, per person).  

Travel within Canada: 

  • 300 km (minimum) – 500 km: up to $1,000 max. per person 
  • 501 km – 1000 km: up to $1,250 max. per person 
  • 1001 km – 2000 km: up to $1,750 max. per person 
  • 2001 km – 3000 km: up to $2,250 max. per person 
  • 3001 km – 5000 km or more: up to $3,250 max. per person 

General information 

  • Up to 30,000$ per year 
  • You can apply to this component twice per year (1 January to 31 December). 


  • Any time before your departure date 
  • Notification of results: Usually within 3 months of submitting your application 

Eligibility criteria and funding program details: Arts Across Canada, Travel component