M on the [virtual] road to The Great Escape Online

M for Montreal presents, in collaboration with Le Ministère : The Yellow Ship

With the support of the Montreal venue Le Ministère and joined by the creative directors of Pestacle along with the filmmaker Philémon Crête, M for Montreal invites you to a freaky celebration aboard The Yellow Ship.

Featuring three phenomenal performers from the Quebec underground scene, the vessel begins its journey in the tortuous grunge lands of Gus Englehorn before joining the groovy seventies sun of The Blaze Velluto Collection, and ‘finally land on the ground of PRIORS‘ molten garage nuggets. A memorable psychotronic adventure.

The showcase is being presented as part of the digital edition of The Great Escape in the UK on May 13-14, 2021. More details to come.

Gus Englehorn

Gus Englehorn is an Alaskan singer-songwriter based in the Province of Québec. His surreal stories, sometimes sung from the perspective of his autistic brother, span topics from broken collarbones to hellish walks in the Okavango Dyke Swarm to out of body experiences.


Hailing, scaling, and wailing from a long-scrambling Canadian scene whose rep is not as revered as it should be, PRIORS furiously scrunches together lacerating fuzz riffs, maniacal snare drum abuse, skittish analog shivers, and savagely scared shouting that’s sometimes double-tracked into microchip-loose robot nervousness.

The Blaze Velluto Collection

On stage, Blaze Velluto is backed by Little Miss Roy (vocals), Sheenah Ko (keyboards), Guillaume Chiasson (bass and vocals), and Jean-Étienne Collin-Marcoux (drums and vocals). The band’s music is always shared in a spirit of community. Their cinematic sound combines mesmerizingly reverberant guitars, richly colourful percussion, otherworldly backing vocals, and feisty flights of organ. Strings are also known to enhance the music’s inherent lyricism and exhilarating moments.