M for Montreal #15 : The reinvented edition

This won’t come as a surprise, but the world has been deeply shaken in the past weeks due to the climate of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 crisis. The M for Montreal team works hard (from home!) to make this upcoming edition a springboard for the relaunching of the music industry.

We are well aware that a return to normal operations remains unlikely. Therefore, we are working on various scenarios for what’s next with two main objectives in mind:

On one hand the short-term needs of understanding the effects of the crisis and share with our international network useful and inspiring business insights in search of promising new models of revenue sources. On the other hand, the long term goal of working on career development, generating new opportunities and networking possibilities in order to orchestrate the relaunching of activities after the crisis (particularly for tours and live shows).

We are closely monitoring the fast-changing news, and we are following the measures and recommendations issued by the government. We are confident that by remaining collectively united, resilient and creative as we have been over the past few months, we will emerge positively transformed from this.

Rest assured that we humbly intend to actively participate in the revival of the music industry. This 15th edition of M for Montreal is likely to be memorable in many ways and, more than ever, we want to work together with you to make it happen!