M for Montreal is pleased to announce its first-ever presence in the Toulouse region, at the Rose Festival taking place September 1–3, in France. We’re thrilled to be able to forge ties with our colleagues in the Occitan region, France’s real musical hub.       

We are happy to open the call for artists today for artists and their teams wishing to present a showcase as part of the event. The call for artists is presented by M for Montreal and Les Francos de Montréal.    

Due to tight deadlines, the call will only last a few days. Apply early for a potential showcase at the Rose Festival.    

The call closes next Wednesday, July12 at midnight. 

Eligibility criteria

– The artist must be Canadian;
– The artist must have released a French-language album or EP within the last 24 months at the time of showcasing. Beyond this period, an album or EP to be released within the next 6 months may be considered;
– The artist must already be in the early stages of career development in France, or represent a commercial potential for development in this target market;
– The artist must be linked to a recognized professional structure on the European market, or have a team in Canada ready to support his or her development abroad;
– Ideally, the artist must have an album or EP in distribution, or in the process of being distributed in France;
– A press kit of the artist in France must be submitted, if available;
– The artist must be accompanied by a representative for this trip;
– The artist must propose content in a rap, electro or pop vein.


About Rose Festival

Rose Festival arose from Bigflo and Oli’s desire to create an innovative, multi-faceted cultural festival with a long-term presence in the Toulouse region. It was an idea that had been germinating for a long time, and which came to fruition on September 2 & 3, 2022, when the first edition of the Rose Festival was held, featuring some twenty concerts and cultural events, the artistic direction of which was instigated by Bigflo & Oli themselves. The first year was a sell-out, with big names such as Damso, Paul Ka, Laylow, Bigflo et Oli, IAM, Ben Mazué and many others…